Looking to Start an Electronic Fingerprinting Business in the State of Florida?

Looking to Start an Electronic Fingerprinting Business in the State of Florida?Transmit fingerprints to FDLE/AHCA and FBI for criminal history background checks.

It’s as simple as contacting AD&S, Inc. for a free quote to get started.  AD&S, Inc. can provide your company with affordable fingerprint transmission system options. We also offer many accessories to make your system portable and more efficient.


AD&S, Inc.’s basic fingerprint system package for transmission to FDLE/AHCA and FBI includes a livescan, FingerPro ID software, and installation and training provided remotely.  If you choose, we can also provide the laptop or desktop computer for your system.  Accessories such as an ID reader, a camera for AHCA pictures, and a protective rolling case adds many benefits to your system.


FingerPro ID support is provided by CJIS certified software support professionals. Our products are certified by the FBI and we are listed on the approved FDLE vendor list.  Every system comes with the first-year maintenance/warranty included.


After receiving your quote from AD&S, Inc., the next step is to contact Charlie Tyahur at FDLE. He can be contacted by phone (850)-410-8463 or by email CharlieTyahur@fdle.state.fl.us. FDLE will provide the forms required for fingerprint provider registration with the state of FL.


After the FingerPro ID system is purchased, AD&S, Inc. will schedule to remotely install FingerPro ID software. AD&S, Inc. will then work closely with FDLE to schedule a time for test transmissions to the state to confirm your system is working properly. Once test transmission has been confirmed, we will schedule an internet training session. During this training, your company will learn to capture prints using a livescan device and how to properly transmit the fingerprint records to FDLE or FDLE/AHCA.



Is your company unhappy with your current livescan vendor?  It is easy to switch! Just contact AD&S, Inc. for a customized quote to meet your company’s needs. Once your new FingerPro ID system is purchased, we will move quickly to install software and train your company on the new FingerPro ID.

fingerprint system.  FDLE will need to update your current registration forms. Contact Charlie using the above contact information to update your FDLE registration.

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