Fingerprint Kiosk

AD&S is thrilled to introduce one of our newest innovations, the FingerPro ID Criminal Livescan kiosk. Designed to serve Criminal Agencies across the United States that demand quick and efficient fingerprint capture, in a protective, rugged package.

Manufactured in the United States and Constructed of high-quality, durable powder-coated steel, you can trust that the kiosk provides maximum protection and longevity for your investment. Additionally, the adjustable height protective encasing ensures that you can customize your live scan height for maximum convenience and ease of use. The FingerPro ID Kiosk is available for both ten-print and palmprint livescans.

The FingerPro ID Criminal Livescan kiosk’s ample space allows you to not only get the fingerprinting done, but also store your computer, printer, card scanner, keyboard, mouse, and monitor all in one central location. This excellent feature allows for a streamlined approach to creating and transmitting criminal or applicant records, making your job more efficient and allowing your department to focus on your main mission, protecting our communities.

At AD&S, we pride ourselves on delivering reliable and efficient fingerprinting solutions to all our clients. We are confident that our Criminal Live Scan kiosk will become a crucial asset for law enforcement agencies.

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