E-Seek ID Reader

Model M260

E-Seek ID ReaderE-Seek ID ReaderThe E-Seek ID Reader Model M260 incorporates a magnetic stripe reader with advanced technology 2D barcode reading capability. It can read any government issued ID cards with magnetic stripe information and/or 2D barcodes. The data is then transferred to FingerPro ID* via a standard USB interface or RS-232 serial port, and automatically imported into a waiting fingerprint record. This approach to scanning both magnetic stripe and 2D information with one device is an ideal solution for the POS, ID authentication and law enforcement environment. The device is also capable of reading Linear barcodes: Code 39, Code 128. In addition to the standard side access USB cable interface connector, the Model 260 has incorporated a bottom mounted interface connector, making it an ideal solution for kiosk application environments.*Software is not included and must be purchased separately.All of our hardware and software is FBI Certified. 
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