Fingerprinting Accessories

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AD&S offers several fingerprinting accessories to make the process easier and more efficient:

Our fingerprinting kiosk allows you to create your very own fingerprinting station, with all of your equipment in one convenient place!

Finger print kiosk
Finger print kiosk

Learn more about our fingerprinting kiosk.

The E-Seek ID Reader inputs demographic data with the swipe of any government-issued ID. This popular product is valued for its convenience and efficiency.

Learn more about the E-Seek ID Reader.


The Topaz Signature Pad is useful when an official signature is needed to print fingerprint cards.

Learn more about the Topaz Signature Pad.

The EOS Rebel T5 Canon

Camera works hand-in-hand with our FingerPro ID software, unlike other cameras, which require an extra step.

Learn more about the EOS Rebel T5 Canon Camera.

The Lexmark MS810DN

The Lexmark MS810DN is the official FBI-certified printer for generating fingerprint cards.

Learn more about the Lexmark MS810DN Printer.

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