The Perfect 1st Step Cure of Identity Document for Voter Registration

Biometric data makes it easy to verify a person’s identity

Biometric technology is real and here to stay. It is being used by enterprises, start-ups and even government agencies across the world to deliver products and services.  Biometric technology can be in the form of fingerprints, iris detection, facial recognition, and a multiple of other ways, down to dance moves!

All of these technologies are in addition to the fingerprints required to be captured by legislative authority whether it is for employment background check or booking by a law enforcement agency.

There’s no question that biometrics (i.e. fingerprints in this case) is the most reliable means of authenticating a personal identity.  So why aren’t we utilizing this relatively simple technology to eliminate voter fraud?  

Each state could re-register its voters over a period of time.  FingerPro ID is a great and efficient tool for this purpose.  At this time, the voter could register two fingerprints and BINGO!

And when it is time to vote, they place those same two fingers on a small device to verify identity as a registered voter—with a FINGERPRINT – the most reliable means of authenticating a personal identity. and my record of citizenship with associated information as to voting location is verified—with a FINGERPRINT – the most reliable means of authenticating a personal identity!!

With our FingerPro ID product all of this could happen easily 

Why is it that other countries are much quicker at picking up on technology developed and used right here in the United State of America – the greatest country in the world?

Headlines from Afghanistan August, 2019:

Biometrics To End Fraud In Afghan Election May Discourage Some Women From Voting (RFERL, Aug 27, 2019) 
The Afghan government’s plan to use a sophisticated biometric voter-identification system that includes fingerprint, eye, and facial recognition for the September 28 presidential election has raised concerns it might prevent some women from participating. Women in the religiously conservative Afghan society are often reluctant to have their photos taken.

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