Tired of using inked cards to get fingerprints and then mailing in paperwork?

If you answer is yes then, call us today for a no-obligation quote for a system that will ease the process in the firearm market. Our software, combined with an FBI-certified live scan device, will facilitate the scanning, and save the file for ATF upload using Eforms . The Form 4 has returned to eForms. Form 4 is filed by a current qualified federal firearms licensee (FFL) registrant to transfer an NFA weapon to an individual or other entity (non-licensee). Fingerpro ID will easily capture your client’s information along with the fingerprints and store them in a file to be submitted to ATF. Your clients will then be processed and ready for their new tactical adventure or onto their concealed carry class in no time. No more wasted time, money, or paper. Be a convenient easy one stop show for new or returning gun owners.

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