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Carolyn CEO/President


CEO / President
Meet Carolyn. Carolyn is the revolutionary woman behind AD&S Inc. She founded the company in 1989 pioneering the way for affordable fingerprinting solutions. In 2012 she received the National Women’s Business Enterprise Certification form WBENC. Carolyn was selected as one of the top five leading business women in Mississippi in 2016. The company she built from the ground up, is now the leading provider of electronic fingerprint transmission systems in over 30 states.
Melanie Vice President/Controller


VP / Controller
Meet Melanie. Melanie oversees the daily financial operations of AD&S Inc. She prepares financial analysis for contract negotiations and product investment decisions. Melanie ensures compliance with local, state, and federal budgetary reporting requirements.
Cris Williams


VP, Operations & Technology
• Meet Cris. Cris is responsible for the planning, direction, coordination, and oversight of operations activities within the organization, ensuring development and implementation of efficient operations and cost-effective systems to meet current and future needs of the company and its clients.


Director, Sales
• Meet Melvin. Melvin is our director of sales. He is responsible for Networking and maintaining sales operations and relationships. His duties include meeting sales targets and estimating sales profit. He develops key relationships with clients. Melvin’s expertise in both the civil and criminal applicant world helps him effectively communicate with our customers on a more personable level.


Director, IT
Meet Grayson. Grayson is our in-house IT Director at AD&S Inc. He oversees the deployment, monitoring, maintenance, development, and upgrading of all IT systems. He provides expertise and support during systems upgrades, installations, conversions, and file maintenance. Grayson keeps up with current and latest technologies. He determines what new technology solutions will meet our business and system requirements to provide excellent products to our clients.
Chrissy Administrative Sales Representative


Manager Sales Administrator
Meet Chrissy. Chrissy’s job here at AD&S Inc. is to provide administrative support to our departments and manager. She handles the general clerical duties as well as providing quotes for our prospective customers. Chrissy is responsible for ordering equipment and scheduling new installations. She also works with our accounts payable and receivable department to make sure transactions are handled efficiently.
Frank Senior Software Engineer


Sr. Development Manager
Meet Frank. Frank works with our partners to implement the latest biometric technology for our customers. He also works with state AFIS departments and FBI to apply the newest mandated requirements for our software. Frank implements, research, develops new code for changing the standards in FingerPro ID software. He also advances and implements software to meet standards and regulations with our local and federal agencies.
David Software Engineer


Software Engineer
Meet David. David works on developing and maintaining FingerPro ID and other software for AD&S Inc. Currently David is writing new code for the NIBRS Reporting System. He also helps facilitate support for our FingerPro ID system.


Sr Manager, IT & Support
Meet Donny. Donny’s job here at AD&S Inc. is to research, design, develop and test software. He oversees the technical departments. Donny manages the team’s quick response to technical support. Oversight and testing of new products from AD&S being introduced to the market.


Technical Support Specialist
Meet John. John’s job here at AD&S Inc. is to receive, prioritize, document and actively resolve user requests. He helps assist users with software updates, frequently asked questions, and troubleshooting tickets. John handles problem resolution involving the use of diagnostics. He can provide help to our customers through remote access.
Justin Technical Support


Technical Support Specialist
Meet Justin. Justin’s job here at AD&S Inc. is to provide our clients with the tools to navigate the FingerPro ID software. Justin is part of the team that works on installing the FingerPro ID. He provides technical support for new customers as well as updating current client systems.
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