AD&S Joins the International Biometrics+Identity Association (IBIA)

Six New Members Join IBIA: AD&S Inc., Biomatica, Biometría Aplicada, Biometric Signature
ID, Innovatrics, Integrated Biometrics

WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / June 13, 2018 / The International Biometrics + Identity Association (IBIA) continues to expand with the addition of six new members: AD&S, Biomatica, Biometría Aplicada, Biometric Signature ID, Innovatrics, and Integrated Biometrics.

“IBIA’s growth reflects the need for a unified industry voice which brings together identity technology companies across different nationalities, modalities, and target markets,” said IBIA Managing Director Tovah LaDier. “As the leading international trade association for the identity technology industry, we are proud that our growing membership reflects the vibrancy and diversity of the industry.”

AD&S Inc is an innovative biometrics company that is certified by the FBI, OPM, SWFT, National Indian Gaming, and with numerous states. The only company of its kind in the state of Mississippi, AD&S offers affordable fingerprint scan hardware and software that handles civil and criminal background checks for state and federal clients throughout the United States.

Biomatica is a Brazilian biometrics consultancy which utilizes a variety of biometric modalities – fingerprint, facial recognition, and voice recognition – to manage identification and secure access to services offered by an array of large institutions, including major banks, federal police, and election registries.

Biometría Aplicada is a Mexican technology company whose solutions recognize biometric identifiers that include fingerprint, face, voice, signature, and iris. Biometría Aplicada also validates official documents and manages people’s identities.
Biometric Signature ID, a Texas-based technology company, has a patented multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution using the “Only Biometric Password You Draw” with millions of uses where users and companies are protecting and confirming identities before they can access a virtual asset or device.
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